Fisheries in Sri Lanka

Fisheries sector in Sri Lanka account for 1.8 percent of GDP at the current market prices and 1.3 percent at constant (2002) prices in 2014. Total fish production in 2014 amounted to 535,050 metric tons and it value addition was Rs. 176,239 million (US$ 1,350 Mn.). Growth rate of fisheries sector in 2014 was recorded as 4.5 percent at constant prices and it was 12.7 percent at current market prices against 2013.

Around 272,140 active fishermen have engaged in both marine and inland fisheries and 1,023,780 members of their household depend on the income gained through fishing and related activities.

Fisheries sector has generated Rs. 34,797 million (US$ 266.5 Mn.) of export earnings in the year 2014 and it was accounted for 2.4 percent of total export earnings. A positive trade balance of Rs. 15,937 million (US$ 122 Mn.) was indicated for external trading of fish and fishery products.

In order to achieve this growth, about 32,025 of motorized boats and 21,963 of non-motorized boats have been operated in marine fishing. Out of motorized boats around 4,447 boats have been operated in offshore fishing.

Fisheries Statistics