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NARA decides to re-initiate Peal Culture in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka from the time immemorial was famous for precious pearls and it was one of the main sources that induced foreign invaders to our country. Sri Lankan pearls enjoyed a wide international popularity but, during the last few decades the pearl culture industry disappeared from the country. The coastal area from Chilaw to Silawathura was hugely famous for pearl oysters. However due to various climate issues and human activity, growth of Pearl oysters gradually came to an end.    

Thus, we lost Asian market in the pearl industry and the countries like India, China, Bangladesh and Pakistan began to conquer it. Today, Pakistan earns the highest income of foreign exchange by pearl exportation which amounts to be 6700 USD per annum. India also earns 150 USD annually.

However, Hon Minister has given instructions to NARA to reinitiate pearl culture in marine and inland waters in Sri Lanka. Accordingly, NARA has taken measures to initiate Pearl culture with the use of new technology. Under this new technology, a special type of rope will be used to stock eggs inside the oysters. This project will be implemented as way of providing extra income source to the fisher community.  

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