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Hon State Minister to execute expedite measures in regularizing fish imports and maintaining the stability of fish price

Hon State Minister has taken this decision considering the inconveniences caused to both consumers and fishermen in case of excessive fluctuations in fish price.

This was decided in a discussion held with ministerial officials on 02nd May with regard to the effective and regular implementation of duties and functions of Hon State Minister while seeking suggestions in finding sustainable solutions to the existing issues and other various services to be delivered to the fisher community.

Discussions were also made regarding the supply of fresh and quality fish to the consumers, preservation of fish and deterring low quality fish sales and taking legal actions against the persons selling low quality fish.    

Hon State Minister also instructed the officials to formulate progarammes to limit fish imports and increase domestic fish production while focusing on encouraging local entrepreneurs in importing large-scale fishing vessels.  

It was also discussed that annual fish consumption of hinterland communities is significantly low (1-2 kg per annum). Thus the Minister emphasized the importance of formulating a regular programme to increase the low fish consumption.

He also mentioned that compensations in case of distress are not properly made to the affected fishermen. He asked for a report speedily to be submitted clarifying the reasons that cause no-payment of compensations to the fishermen who properly pay relevant taxes and insurance installments. A speedy solution will be taken regarding this issue in consultation with the Finance Ministry and other relevant institutes, emphasized the Minister. 

He also stated that fishermen shall be given awareness on the importance of engaging in fishing adhering to the international rules and regulations. “Some of the inexperienced persons who had been sent for fishing jobs in Korea are reported to be dead and another hundreds of persons have illegally migrated to Korea under the pretence of doing fishing jobs in Korea. Lack of proper knowledge about the fisheries field is the main reason for these issues. I have scheduled two fisheries technical colleges to be established in Sri Lanka under Korean funds. I believe that sending persons for fishing jobs in foreign countries without getting a proper training from these technical colleges shall be stopped in future” said the State Minister.


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